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This is a work in progress item and not intended for real purchase at the moment.  The future print option for this page is to create a mug with multiple real hand signatures/messages for events such as a farewell to an employee. Nice alternative to any event where several would sign a card.

Pricing would be something like $1.25 per signature that would need to be processed plus the cost of the chosen mug.

Example: For a farewell gift to an employee, 15 fellow staff would sign/message on a sheet of paper. This page would be submitted for processing and be $18.75 plus the price of the chosen mug (mug1 $15.95) giving a final price of $34.70.

Mug & Print Specs
Mug Size
Print Type
Print Areas
Single Print Side Print Area
Double Print Side Print Areas
Full Wrap Print Area
Origin of Materials
Origin of Mug Manufacture
Origin of Coating
Origin of Dyes/Inks Used

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Signature Mug

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