About 1NHMugs

So who is 1NHMugs anyway?

Hi; My name is Nelson, founder, and owner of 1NHMugs.

        It all began back in the early 90’s in a small attic apartment on the corner of Thorndike and S. Spring in Concord NH when I acquired my first PC. At the time, I had absolutely no idea what I or anyone could possibly do with it. Closest I had ever been to a computer was at the Shaw’s checkout. I had an empty tool box and someone wanted to trade the computer with me for the tool box. Seemed like a good deal as clueless as I was.

        The addiction began as I self taught myself in DOS. For those who remember those days, it was an IBM 8088 with a whopping 20meg hard drive. I was drawn toward working with images and design layouts such as restaurant menus, business cards, flyers, etc for local people I knew. This was mostly all for fun.

        All around 1993/94 I was introduced to Dye Sublimation printing, AKA Photo mugs and the journey begins. .

        Since I am not a salesman and don’t have what it takes to go out and cold sell to local business, my points of sales was very limited to word of mouth as I had no public access points. Seems it was about the mid 90’s when the Internet started to take hold as more then just an AOL or CompuServe file servers and I began exploring how I could get on this wave and built my first web site (all as learn as I go projects). This was and still is www.elsographics.com with www.1nhmugs.com as a child web site focused on personalized photo mugs and other personalized mugs, steins & tankards.

        Creating a functional web site that could sell total customized printing of customer supplied images text etc had always been a huge challenge with complex & reactive multi page forms. I worked the multi page form concept for years. It was around 2004 or so when I got the idea of a set of 1NH domain names with the knowing that in any alphabetical listing the number “1” would come before the letter “A” and this could aid (back then) in SEO efforts.

        Never did too much with the 1NH name idea except for 1NHMugs.com. I did put a web site under 1NHMugs and positioned it to be in competition with elsographics. This turned out to be good thing allowing me to apply different ideas strategies or technologies to one and apply what works to the other and visa-versa.

        Over the past several years elsographics.com has declined drastically in all the major search engines due to the importance of mobile friendly. Elsographics was an old web site that is not all that mobile friendly. Since my very first Smartphone was only in recent years, changing elsographics to be mobile friendly would not be a quick makeover for my DIY approach.

        I revisited 1NHMugs, that was pretty much dormant, and have since set up a whole new order system from ground up, Complete with virtual previews of the actual mug with visitor supplied details.

        If you are using a mobile device there may be hiccup with the virtual preview that we are currently working on. Regular desktop, it all works well. This is my story.

        What I do is custom printing and 1NHMugs is all about custom printing drink-ware. Some of the unique service I offer include personalizing any number of custom mugs. Example of this might be company wanting to give a personalized coffee mug baring the company’s image and the staff member’s name. With dye sublimation technology there are no color limitations (i.e. continuous tone like in a photograph). Cost the same to print a single color as full color and since much of the process is digital, I can print single mugs on demand for a special gift or hundreds for any occasion. 1NHMugs.com is an Internet only personalized printing service, servicing the domestic US internet market.

        If you are looking for genuine “Made in USA” photo mugs we are one of only a few mug printers who carry the “Made in USA Photo Mug”.

        I ship anywhere within the USA, but if you are local to Concord, NH pickups/deliveries can be made on a case by case basis.

The one thing you can always expect from us is our slogan,
                   “Personalized Service For Your Personalized Mug!”