About 1NHMugs

So who is 1NHMugs anyway?

Hi; My name is Nelson, founder, and owner of 1NHMugs.

        It all began as a home hobby business back in 1993, under the name of Elso Graphics (which I consider the Parent of 1NHMugs) before officially registering the name as a business here in the state of New Hampshire.

        I was very much drawn into the graphics arena of my early computer days.  I began with design layout creating business cards, restaurant menus, flyers, CD covers and just about anything else that was to result in print for local businesses and friends.

        All around about 1995, I learned of this relatively young technology to the home PC world known as Dye Sublimation. This technology itself had been around for a while but more in prioritized systems often seen printing photo mugs in the malls around the holidays. These systems were expensive and didn’t offer much if any flexibility beyond simply printing a photo onto a mug. If anyone remembers the old day photo mugs, it generally wasn’t long before the picture faded away.

        I became very intrigued by the concept of using my PC to print coffee mugs and such. Elso Graphics was then officially born as a registered DBA in NH. Elso Graphics markets a wide variety of personalized and custom printed items. Back in the early part of the century, before Google jumped in the front seat of the search engines and dominated the Internet, Elso Graphics thrived very well in Internet sales.

        With the loss of nearly all Internet exposure of Elso Graphics, It was decided to break down my product line to individual web sites so each would more individual product type focused.  NHMugs was born as the first of this breakdown of product lines.

The one thing you can always expect from us is our slogan,
                   “Personalized Service For Your Personalized Mug!”