Personalize Mugs w/Text File

Personalize Volume Orders Using a Text Editor

The text file process is a very simple to follow, even for the new comers into the computer world. Your only prerequisites for creating a text file of your "variables" is to open a text editor, like Notepad, MS Word, or any other program for typing text and to save your file after you're done. The best way to explain the format of your list of names or variables is to show a sample. Let's assume this is a bowling team and you want the player names & score average printed within your coffee mug layout. Your text might look something like this:

  • Jim,Smith,96
  • Nelson,Quimby,98
  • Mary,Blake,88
  • Kathy,Hogan,92
  • Beverly,Moulton,84

Notice we have a First name, Last name & score average separated by a comma. That's it. If your text uses commas, you don't need to use the comma as a separator. You can use the Pipe "|" or a dash or a period or any character not used in your text. Whatever character you use, just make sure it is not used for anything other then your separator. and use it through your entire list. Just let us know what character you decide to use. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

If you are using MS Word or other full featured word processor then be sure to save your file as a text only file. You will see this in the file type dropdown when you choose "Save As" or "Export" from your file menu.

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