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How to create data files for volume personalizing

Personalizing individual coffee mugs in a volume print run is an unique service offered here at The process is quite simple to follow in compiling your list of names or other variable text.

This is a fairly simple file to create. You can use any database, spreadsheet or text editor you want. Spreadsheet or text files would be the easiest to create. If you work with a database program like Access or FileMaker Pro then you should be able to understand what is needed and apply it to your program. First thing to think about is what text do you want printed? First names?, Last Names?, Nickname?, Special Quote? It's up to you... To simplify your understanding, we will refer to any personalized text as a "variable". (Just as the name implies, variable, something that changes) Think about how you want your mug layout with your "variables" to appear. Maybe you want the first name in the upper left and the middle initial at the center and the last name in the lower right corner. Let's use this for our explanation. You would have 3 separate"variables", first name, middle initial & last name. Confused? Don't worry about it, it will make perfect sense in a short bit.

How to set a text file up

How to set a spreadsheet up