Personalized Photo Mugs

History of Photo Mugs

Motorcycle printed mugPhoto Mugs? Does it have a history? Of course, it does! Albeit, not enough. Well, we want to share something with you. It’s about how the concept of Personalized Photo Mugs has developed and revolutionized over the past several years.

Looking back in time, it seems like the only place where we could come across Personalized Mugs were in the malls, around the holidays. Going way back in the 80s and early 90s, the print quality of the mugs had a shorter life expectancy. Of course, that doesn’t mean that people would stop buying them since they were usually just a beautiful holiday gift that brought joy to the moment. As expected, Personalized Mugs went through a development period. Apparently, not only did the quality of the prints on the personalized mugs evolve, but it also saw the migration of photo gifts being picked up by photo developing services.

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How Can You Benefit From Personalized Photo Mugs?

personalized photo mug with black trimPersonalized mugs can be your dream mugs. Primarily, because they are inexpensive and are mostly used on a daily basis. Secondly, people really become attached to their very own mug, that includes the memorable picture or a message that sets these mugs apart from the rest of the others.

Looking for custom printed mugs to give employees, make a memorable family reunion or any event but want your mugs to be a little more special by personalizing each mug with the recipient's Group of personalized photo mugsname? You will be happy to know that we pioneered our own method to offer this service where we can even personalize hundreds of mugs with different names, and guess what!? We do this at no extra charge. Be sure to check out our “how to” page to see how simple the process is.

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Ways in Which You Can Use Personalized Photo Mugs to your Benefit

Allow us to give you some quality ideas of how you can Group of personalized photo mugsmake use of these personalized mugs. You can attach your favourite photos, your Company Logos, you can even use these mugs as a participation gift to your employees who attended a particular session or even as a gift to all of your employees for a successful milestone you all achieved together. You can even gift it to someone on their birthday with a picture of both of you imprinted on the mug. Just imagine how happy that person would be! And the best part is that our personalizing coffee mugs are usually done at no extra charge.

Imagine you run a Company of 200+ employees or are throwing a family reunion with over 50+ family members. Guess what? You can have a common printed image such as your company logo or a family crest printed on each coffee mug or beer stein, as well as have a person’s name or a personal saying of your choice. All of this can be done at no extra cost, no set-up fee or anything. Thus, all we request you to do is to follow our simple steps for entering the text parts into the spreadsheet such as Excel. This way you’ll get what you desire. And you’ll love it.

As is said by wise men, “All’s well that end’s well”. Thus, ever wondered, what if we start our day in the best possible way? This isn’t just about holding a simple coffee mug in your hands and tuning into your Spotify playlist! It’s about having your own personalized picture on your mug. Yes, that does make a difference. Noticing your mug design along with the music you’re tuning into might actually add colours to your imagination! This way you can ensure that your day stars as fresh as the morning dew. Retro Mug

In general, everyone admires a memorable or an amusing phrase, quote or a joke. Personalized Photo Mugs perennial favourites, as are printed animals and cartoons for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Children’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving and other such occasions. And Hey! It’s not necessary to make use of Personalized Photo Mugs for drinking purposes. You can even use it as a display asset on your shelf. You might have a memorable picture with someone imprinted on the mug and you feel special about it.wilke stein

Whether you’re looking out for a custom printed Beer Stein or Custom printed Photo Mugs for the purpose to gift someone or looking to order in bulk either to satisfy the purpose of a family reunion, Birthday Party, Business promotion or any other special occasion, 1NHMugs can help you with it. Our pricing for a single custom printed coffee mug is competitive, thus we offer deep discounts for any volume orders.

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Want to Make Your Own Personalized Mugs Online?

One of the most exciting parts about creating Personalized Mugs is you get to design your own personalized Mug using our tool. Now, you might be thinking whether you have to be a Graphic Wiz to design your own Mug? We are grateful to let you know that you needn't have to be a graphic wiz/designer or possess graphic skills to design your mug, all you have to do is select your photos or design from the device you've stored them in, add your text and let us and our design tool do the rest for you. You can consider our tool to be more of a rough draft tool, so if you notice that your designs don't perfectly fit the mock-up or if you're unsure just how to perfectly set up your mug design layout, you needn't worry at all! All your prints will be manually adjusted and tweaked by us to fit your final photo mug.

design tool before

Notice the above collage created by one of our satisfied customers. Although our design tool is not a "persision tool" for final print, it's a perfect tool to show us basicly what you are looking for. Notice the photo spacing was the big challange here, but that is not a problem since all final prints are manually reassembled. After our team did a little snip here and a little snip there, adjusted photo apperances shown below, it was now ready to print.

design tool after

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Where and How Can You Use Your Personalized Coffee Mugs?

Dart mugPersonalizing a Photo Mug doesn’t have to be restricted to just a person’s name itself. You can even include other personalized text. Consider this situation. You might be associated with a sports club like a dart or a bowling league, so you decide to have your team member’s name imprinted along with their high score or a point average. Wouldn’t that add to the overall moral of your excited team members? Whether you plan to order a single custom printed mug or around 500 personalized mugs for your employees, you can have faith in us since we have been printing mugs for our lovely customers since the mid 90's.

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