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What Makes a Coffee Mug Unique?

There are several unique coffee mugs out there that make it easier for you to choose from. Although, do you know what makes the Coffee Mugs so unique and special? It’s You! Yes! It is You and Your design ideas that make it truly unique.

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When Does Something Become Unique?

Something is unique when it’s rare, isn’t that right? Uniqueness comes into play when we create something out of the ordinary. That’s exactly how mugs designing websites such as 1NHMugs make ourselves unique; by catering to your needs. Thus, we assure to make your experience memorable as well as satisfying. Uniqueness in itself is dynamic. Design tool onlineSeveral other websites including ours, try our best to introduce unique ways to make bring about modifications through online design tools. Although, guess who’s at a benefit? You are! The reasons being you are benefited by getting accustomed to new techniques and tools to get your designs printed. That’s all we want! We want you to be satisfied with our service.

How Are We Unique?

Here at our website, 1NHMugs, we will guide you and assist you in grabbing your unique coffee mug! We print the designs of your choice! Be it your pictures or even words that you want to be printed on your coffee mugs. We can print anything and everything for You. Guess what? We can even print your handwritten text within the print of your mug! Isn’t that exciting?

Other renowned websites such as Zazzle, VistaPrint, Printful, Inkmonk and Shopify all have their own high end designing tools to help you design your dream designs on their mugs, although they might possess a high quantity of tools, it is the "one on one" personalized customer service our customer's have come to appreciate that sets 1NHMugs apart from the rest. We never want to take the "personalized service" away from creating "personalized mugs".

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What makes 1NHMugs unique from the renowned commercial sites mentioned? It come to personalized customer service. These more commercial mug design site are very dependent on “Quantity” due to their overhead expenses. 1NHMugs on the other hand has been built over the past 20+ years “out of pocket” resulting in our ability to be 100% debt free, allowing us to put customer service and quality first before quantity. Our focus has always been and will always be “Quality” over “Quantity”.

We have our own print quality standards, and will be up-front and honest should submitted designs, photos etc. not meet our in-house quality standards. This doesn't mean we will refuse or not print photos below our standards, it means we will discuss these standards, explain everything and what you, the customer can do or what we can do to closer meet our standards.

Every single mug design submitted, without exception, undergo manual adjustments for best fit, best color tone of photos and anything else we see in need of tweaking. In other words, if a photo is under/over exposed or other common challenges with photo quality, we will attempt to correct these, with a 99% success rate, before printing. Most photo adjustments would be subtle but in the event of more drastic adjustments, we will always show and explain for your approval before printing.

We have a very complex and dynamic design tool that is meant to be a fun communication tool for you, the customer, to show us basically what you are looking for in your own unique coffee mug design. It is NOT meant to be a final “camera ready” application such as the known Photoshop or Corel suit of tools. Thus, we assure to provide you with complete personal assistance regarding the designs you want to be printed.

When and Where Can You Use Our Unique Coffee Mugs?

Planning to spend your weekends and holidays with your loved ones? That’s where our “Customized mugs” come in. You can get the mug of your designs and spend the eve with your family or with your partner, whilst sipping coffee from your customized mug. Imagine how lovely can that be? It’s said that Books are our best friends, well that’s true, but so are Coffee Mugs! Having your customized coffee mug is like you are embracing your design. Isn’t that a great feeling?

Guess what? You can gift it to someone as well! Our “Picture Mugs” are the perfect made-for-such-occasions type. Might be that you got yourself a design printed which was dear to the person you want to gift it to, be it on their birthday, on Christmas or even your friend’s marriage anniversary! Be it any occasion, imagine how they might feel if you gift them a coffee mug with the design of their liking, maybe some childhood memories, maybe a family photo. Wouldn’t that be lovely and unique to look at?

Our uniquely designed “Signature Mugs” might even be for some colleague of yours who has decided to retire or move on from their current employer, you guys must have had a ton of memories together. Why not picture those memories on the mugs and turn them into designs and even add handwritten farewells to your “Signature Mug” much in the same manor as the common tradition of having everyone sign a “farewell card”? (we have a simple how-to method to make this happen) Wouldn’t that be an awesome idea to gift someone? Bidding them farewell is the hardest part, but a custom-designed mug with the design of your choice signed by colleagues might add a sweet unique touch to it.

With our “Signature Mugs”, You can have your custom signatures on them as well as your signature Logos printed on them. These types of mugs come in handy to remind you of your colleagues. But You can be Unique! You can have your signature mugs! Our Signature Mug project offers a unique twist to a long-standing tradition.

“Your Only Limitation in Creating Your Own Unique Coffee Mug Is Your Imagination”
-  Nelson Quimby, Founder of 1NHMugs

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